The Board hopes everyone is doing fine during these times and we look forward to the return to normalcy.  With the start of reopening the country, and getting people back to work, we hope that we will be able see everyone out of the pitch or at a SBSRA event shortly.   By the way, since the lock down came about so quickly, you may want to check your referee bag to make sure you don’t have anything growing in there. Bring a can of disinfectant and rubber gloves with you just in case.  Due to the fact that Cal South has implemented an on-line training module that covers the same training material that we were planning on presenting during the April GMM, the Board has decided to cancel the April GMM.  At this time, there is no change to the May GMM schedule and we will keep everyone posted on the details for tha meeting.  In order to get credit for the on-line 1) March Cal South training please follow the information shown below, or the information that you received in the original email from Cal South on 4/21/2020.  I’ve taken the training and I think it was very well done, I hope you find the same.  Please note that you have to take the training and then complete the quiz/survey to get credit from Cal South. In addition to the March Cal South Training, this also includes links to the Mandatory Concussion Training and Cardiac Arrest Training required by new California Legislative Codes.  Links to these training modules are also provided below.           

1) March Cal South In Service Training Make-Up

Cal South is proud to inform the referee community that given the COVID-19 circumstances, we now have an online option to making up an In Service training. If you were unable to attend your local referee associations meeting, you now have the opportunity to do it online. You’ll simply click on the Youtube link below and watch the training.   Then come back to this email to click on quick survey link after to answer a few questions. That’s it!

A few items to note: The Spanish version will soon be available. Completing the survey will ensure you receive attendance credit for that months training.

For the YouTube training – Please use this link         

For the post survey – Please use this link        

2) Concussion and Cardiac Arrest Training 

Cal South has been in the process of reviewing the current State legislature affecting adult administrators involved in youth sports, California Health and Safety Code, Division 106., Part 2., Chapter 4., Article 2.5. In order to comply with the law – the following trainings will now all be required of all Referees, Team Admins and Coaches. To read the California Legislative Information details go to this link – 
           • SafeSport (Currently Already Required of Referees) – Can be completed through the Learning Center. Refresher will be required annually.
           • New Requirement – Concussion Training –  (This training will only be required once.)
           • New Requirement – Cardiac Arrest Training –  (This training will only be required once.)

Everyone will need to save their completed certificates for both trainings and upload them into their Cal South profile. Please do not wait until the last moment to complete these. Use the time at home to get them out of the way now. Deadline to have these completed will be July 1, 2020.