SBSRA Single Referee Call In: 310-955-9905 option 1

This information is provided so all members understand the process for providing your availability and accepting your assignments.  Additional information can be found in the Assignment Overview and Rankings.

NOTE:  While all turn backs are frowned upon, late turn backs cause additional issues for the association and increase the risk of a service failure because they may not leave enough time to find a replacement referee.

If a member can not honor a match commitment, notification needs to occur as soon as possible.  If you have to turn back a match assignment with less than 12 hours before the start of a match, it is the referee’s responsibility to get a verified response from the SBSRA Assignor before your match oblation is transferred back to the assignor.  Just sending an email or leaving a phone message on the SBSRA soccer line (310-955-9055 option 1) in regards to a late turn back (less than 12 hours) is not acceptable and does not transfer the responsibility for covering the match from the assigned referee.

Any questions? Give the Assignor a call at 310-955-9905 or send an email.

Assignor Gabriel Goldsman
Co-Assignor (Weeknight Matches) Veto Galati

ARBITER:  SBSRA Assignment System

Some tips using Arbiter:

  1. When you want to set a new time block you need to first delete the old time block for the same day.  Setting a new time block does NOT delete the old one, it just layers it on top of the old one, which is probably not what you intended to do.
  2. Self-assign opportunities are still limited by the blocks that you have set, such as blocking days/times/distance/partners/venues, etc.  If you want to see more self-assign opportunities then first clear all your blocks.
  3. The self-assign tab does not seem to work consistently, if at all, when used on a mobile device.  Please access this feature of Arbiter on a non-mobile platform to receive accurate self-assign opportunities.
  4. Be careful about AM and PM when blocking.
  5. Be careful to make sure SBSRA is “checked” when setting blocks or trying to use the “Self Assign” process if you are a member of multiple associations.  If “SBSRA” is not “checked” your blocks will not apply to SBSRA and you will not see the “Self Assign” button.

Additional details, news items and member support may be found on the SBSRA Arbiter services page.

SBSRA: Providing availability

Members provide their availability by adding or removing blocks from the Arbiter system.

Members must be on the current year’s Cal South ROL in order to receive any assignments from SBSRA.

SBSRA: You are requested to referee a match

Only one assigning system is used by SBSRA.  Arbiter is used for ALL games. You can access it through the Arbiter web site using your Arbiter log in.   Contact the Assignor if you do not know your log-in or password. When you are assigned  matches  you get an automatic email for each game you are assigned, with a link that allows you to accept or decline your assignments.  If you do not get an email, you did not get any games. However, you may later be assigned matches, when other referees decline (turn back) assignments. Please remember to call in 310-955-9905 option 1 when you have arrived at the field for single referee matches as described in the reminder emails and elsewhere.

The Arbiter system works very well, especially when you give the Assignor accurate and timely availability information. For those who abuse the system frequently, the number and quality of games suffers accordingly. Give the Assignor good information and be dependable and you will get the best games available when your name comes up.