Membership dues are determined on an annual basis by the Board of Directors based on a budget of anticipated costs and are due and payable each year starting June 1 for the following season. Full details are available in the SBSRA Guidelines.

SBSRA provides for members to pay their dues by:

  • PayPal using the buttons below
  • Deductions from your games refereed in May or June not paid at the field which are paid to the Association on your behalf
  • Check by US mail to SBSRA, P.O. Box 1613, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Returning Member Dues:

  • Returning June – July: $85
  • Returning Aug – May: $105
Returning Membership Dues

New Member Dues (includes new member administrative fee of $40)

  • Joining June – December: $125
  • Joining January – March: $85
  • Joining April – May: $65
New Membership Dues