“It is a policy of South Bay Soccer Referee Association that no player with a concussion and/or displaying concussion-like symptoms will be allowed to play in any match in which SBSRA referees have been assigned to officiate by SBSRA. If a player suffers an injury that appears to have the potential to cause a concussion, and/or if, in the opinion of the referee, the player has concussion-type symptoms, then the referee will ensure that the player does not participate any further in that match, nor, as far as is in his/her power, in any other match played that day. SBSRA referees will complete a match report to document the incident and submit that report to SBSRA within 48 hours of the match.”

SBSRA utilizes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Concussion training materials for youth and high school sports to insure all SBSRA members are aware of concussion protocols.  SBSRA requires its members to read and understand the information on the Concussion “Brain Injury Basics” sub-links on the CDC Concussion site to meet its Concussion training policy.

By providing availability to work SBSRA assigned matches, members of the Association are affirming that they have read and understand the SBSRA policy in regards to Concussions as listed herein.