The 2023 Cozmo Cup is the first-ever 5v5 turf tournament at Galaxy Park! Split between two days, a summary of the tournament details follow:


  • Saturday, August 12 (Blue Day – Flight 4, Flight 3, Bronze Or Equivalent)
  • Sunday, August 13 (Gold Day – Flight 1, Flight 2, Silver, Silver Elite)

TOURNAMENT DAY COORDINATOR: Chris Pedersen (562-754-4682)

AGE BRACKETS: 2012, 2013, 2014 (boys and girls divisions)
LOCATION: Galaxy Park | 18400 Avalon Blvd., Carson, CA 90746
TEAM ROSTERS: capped at 9 players
 2023 Cozmo Cup Official Rules


  • 3 games guaranteed + playoffs; 14-minute halves with a 2-minute half time
  • Laminated 2022-2023, 2023-2024 USYSA, US Club Sanctioned, or AYSO player ID cards will be required at check in prior to each game
  • 50’x90′ enclosed turf fields


Before the Game:

  • Players may always play “up” in age but may not play “down” in age
  • Girls may play on boy’s teams; however, boys may NOT play on a girls’ team. In the event a team has 1 boy, that team is considered a boys’ team
  • Players MAY play on more than one (1) team, HOWEVER, they may ONLY play on 1 team per AGE GROUP/AGE DIVISION within the tournament
  • Shin guards must be worn
  • Players may wear a cast on the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, or shoulder if it is covered and padded with a closed-cell, slow-recovery foam padding no less than ½-inch thick. The covering must be approved by the referee OR the Tournament Director
  • Jewelry is not to be worn at any time during play
  • All field players must wear the same color shirt (numbers are NOT required). If two teams have similar colored shirts, the HOME team must change to a different color
  • Goalkeepers must wear a shirt of a different color from both teams
  • The Home team will be the team listed first on the schedule
  • Teams will be given a 5-minute grace period; HOWEVER, the game duration may be shortened to stay on schedule
  • Minimum # of players to start is 3
  • There will be no coin toss prior to the game. The Home team will Kick Off to Start the match. The Away team will determine which end of the field to defend first

During the Game:

  • KICKOFF is a Direct Kick
  • OFFSIDE – There is no offside in 5v5 Soccer
  • HEADING is NOT allowed at ALL ages
  • SLIDE TACKLING – There is NO Slide Tackling by Field players. Field players may slide to block or save a shot; however, no contact may be made with an opposing player at any time. In other words, sliding where no opponent is present is allowed. A slide tackle infraction results in a Direct Free Kick. Inside the Goalkeeper box the restart is a penalty kick. A second infraction (same player) will result in a Yellow Card, and a third infraction will result in a Red Card
  • FREE KICKS: Penalty Kicks will be taken seven (7) yards from the goal. Physical fouls will result in direct free kicks, all others are indirect. Players on the defending team must remain a minimum of five (5) yards from the kick
  • TOUCHLINE (SIDELINE) RESTARTS: In place of throw-ins there will be kick-ins. A player may not directly kick a ball into the goal from its stationary restart position. When the ball makes contact with the perimeter of the net it is out of play
  • GOAL KICK: Any time a Goal Kick is required, the goalkeeper will execute a Goal Clearance (ball must leave the penalty area). The opposing team must be on their half of the field before the goalkeeper kicks or throws the ball. The goalkeeper will start with the ball in their hands and may either (1) throw the ball, (2) put the ball down and pass/kick, or (3) put the ball down and dribble out of the penalty box. Once the ball has been put down, the ball is effectively “live.” The Goalkeeper has 4 seconds to execute the goal clearance. Failure to execute the Goal Clearance within 4 seconds will result in an Indirect kick at the top of the area for the opposition. A goal may not be scored directly from a goal clearance. Once the ball is OUTSIDE the penalty area, a goal may be scored from anywhere on the field. The ball may not be punted or drop-kicked or it will result in an indirect free kick from the top of the penalty area. For goal kicks, the ball must touch a teammate of the goalkeeper before crossing midfield
  • GOALKEEPING: When the ball is in the hands of the goalkeeper, it may be thrown anywhere or dropped and dribbled inside or outside the penalty area but cannot be drop-kicked or punted. The ball must leave the penalty area within four seconds, or it results in an indirect free kick seven (7) yards away from the goal line. A Goalkeeper may not throw the ball directly into an opponent’s goal. Players may not make contact with the goalkeeper at any time while they are in the penalty area. Infractions will result in a yellow card. A goalkeeper outside of the penalty area is treated as a field player
  • SUBSTITUTIONS may be made with the referee’s acknowledgement after any stoppage in play. Repeated substitutions to waste time may not be approved by the referee and may result in cards shown to the Coach
  • RED CARDS – The team of a sent off player may substitute for the sent off player
  • PLAYOFF GAME TIEBREAKERS – Tied Finals or Semifinals will, after a one-minute break, go directly to a 3-minute golden goal period. If the score is still tied at the end of this period, the winner will be decided by Penalty Kicks with the 5 players on the field at the end of the golden goal period. If tied after five (5) kicks, the full roster must complete one (1) kick before starting at the top of the kicking lineup. There will be NO OVERTIME, GOLDEN GOAL, OR SHOOTOUT in pool play games.

Complete Rules: 2023 Cozmo Cup Official Rules