The Aspire Youth Sports Program is a 4th / 5th Grade soccer league.


The field is on the school grounds at 123 W. 59th St. Los Angeles, CA 90003 (map link).

Field is on the southwest corner of Slauson Ave. and Main St. just east of the Harbor Freeway (110) Slauson exit.  Entrance gate to the field is on west side of Main St. at the south end of the field.

Please prepare for your journey in advance of game day. We will request the school to provide on property parking but we may have to make use of neighborhood parking. Entry to the field is through a gate near the field.

The Aspire League is not affiliated with USSF. Wear your SBSRA badge at these matches.


Follow IFAB Laws of the Game with exceptions specified in the AYS (Aspire Youth Sports) Rules including:

  • Duration of matches: 20-minute halves, 5-minutes halftime
  • At least 2 girls are required for each team on the field at all times
  • Unlimited substitutions, with prior referee approval, on all stoppages in play
  • Shin guards are not required
  • Slide tackles are not permitted
  • Do NOT call offside unless it is VERY obvious
  • Goal kicks: opponents should return to their own half until the ball is in play but the kick can be taken at any time
  • Required distance from restarts: 8 yards, instead of 10 yards


  • Single referee per game
  • There are only 3 matches per day, with one referee assigned to 2 matches and one referee assigned to one match per day
  • Single game assignments include a $10 single game premium
  • Game Fees are payable by the league to the Association and the Association will pay referees on a monthly basis for games officiated in the prior month
  • Game Day Contact: Adam Sandoval (562) 652-9287

Have Fun!