This is a recreational adult soccer league. The objective of the league is to promote, develop and conduct recreational soccer within the City of Beverly Hills and to promote physical activity and good sportsmanship.

Respect each other.  Play hard. Play fair. Compete. Have fun.

  • Once the goalkeeper has possession of the soccer ball in their hands, they may not throw or punt the ball past the halfway line of the field on the fly.
  • The goalkeeper may put the ball on the ground and kick the ball on the fly without any distance restrictions.
  • Goal kicks may not pass the halfway line in the air.
  • Infractions will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the place where the ball crossed the halfway line.

Emergency City Contact – Andrew DeLeon (310) 285 6823


All games will be played at Nicholl Field at Beverly Hills High School, located at 241 South Moreno Drive, Beverly Hills 90212.  (map link)



  • This league is not affiliated with USSF: wear your SBSRA badge.
  • Game Fees
  • Games are 50 minutes long (Two 25 minute halves)
  • League standings and schedules may be found at https://beverlyhillsadultsports.org/schedule/422226/sunday-league
  • Participants are only allowed to play on one team per season. If a player does play for two teams, they will be considered an “illegal player” and their team that they are not registered for will forfeit the game.
  • The minimum number of players needed to start or finish a game is (6) six. If a team has less than (6) six players, the game will be determined a forfeit.
  • No slide tackling. Players may play the ball from the ground legally (at least 5 feet radius away from any opposing team players) but may not slide or dive. Goalkeepers are exempt.
  • All free kicks are indirect kicks.
  • Players of the opposing team must be at least 8 yards away from kickoffs, direct free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty kicks.
  • A tied score at the end of regulation time will remain a tied score. There will be no overtime for regular season games. Please read the League Rules for playoff games that end in a tie.
  • Team managers may address the officials during halftime and after the match for rule clarification only.
  • Any player receiving a yellow card must be sit out for two minutes and the team must play short until the two minute penalty has elapsed.