“DirectKix Soccer provides youth and adults with organized soccer experiences. Adult Leagues, Tournaments, Youth Camps and Clinics. We use the game to better the community through charities and social events. We understand soccer is more than just a game, but rather a way of life.” — DirectKix


All games will be played on Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM at Fairfax High School.

League Website:

  • No Slide TacklesOnly the player’s feet can touch the ground. The league wants the 1st Slide Tackle to be a Yellow Card and all additional Slide Tackles to be a Yellow Card.  If a player goes to the ground to play a ball its a Yellow Card.
  • Match score cards will be provided to the Referee at the field by the league representative
  • 25 minute halves – Single referee
  • Each team will pay $15 ($30 total) no later than the star of the 2nd half.  Assignor fees are billed by SBSRA and paid by the league.
  • A yellow card is a two minute penalty where the team plays down a player for two minutes or until a goal is scored.
  • Red Card is a four minute penalty where the team plays down a player or until two goals are scored.  After the four minutes the team does not play short. (But the Ejected player is out for the match)
  • This league is not affiliated with USSF: Wear your SBSRA badge.