The Elite Academy League is composed of member clubs that represent Elite competitive clubs in their market and have shown to be of the standard and will benefit from being part of this platform. By unifying clubs from within the conferences, we have maintained the defining standards of previous elite platforms with a collective approach to making sure the platform sits atop the youth landscape.

League website:

SBSRA League Point of Contact – Jonny Joseph


Referee Fees

All costs of referees are the responsibility of the home club. If a neutral site is used, the designated home club shall pay unless it is pre-approved by the league that costs will be shared. The method of payment of appointed referees is up to the discretion of the home club. It is suggested that the home team pay the referees prior to the game upon arrival or through the arbiter system or direct deposit.

To obtain the selected document, please click on EA Standards & RulesEA Match Day Requirements or the EA Referee Handout.


Unless otherwise provided in the Elite Academy Standards & Rules, all Elite Academy games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game in force at the time of the competition and as laid down by the International Football Association Board.


  • U11, U12 – two 30-minute Halves with a 10-minute halftime
  • U13 – two 35-minute halves with a 10-minute halftime
  • U14, U15 – two 40-minute halves with 15-minute halftime
  • U16, U17, U19 – two 45-minute halves with a 15-minute halftime

* The home team will provide 3 match balls for each game.


The home and away team provides referees with a Match Card and laminated passes prior to kickoff. The referee checks players in and then returns laminated cards for non-starters to each coach. Following the match, the referee returns the signed Match Card with all goals, cautions, and substitutions to the home team and player passes to both teams.


Game Jerseys

Home team wears light color uniforms and the visiting team will wear dark contrasting uniforms.

If it’s a double-fixture weekend, on the first day, the home clubs will wear light colored with away clubs wearing dark colors. On the second day, the home clubs will wear dark colored while the away club will wear light colored.

Home Team Field Setup

Team sideline requires both the home and away team have adequate benches.

Spectators will be on the opposite side of the field, on the same side of the halfway line as their team benches.


  • A player must be typed in on the Match Card and also have a USSSA/EA player pass to be eligible to play in the EA match
  • Game Day Roster for U13-U19 is 18 players, and for U11-U12 it is 14 players
  • A player can only play one EA game per day, with the exception of the goalkeeper
  • Any player written in (pen/pencil) on the Match card will not be accepted.


  • U11-U12 – Unlimited with re-entry
  • U13-U19 – will operate under the FIFA-7 players “per half” substitution system. Once replaced, players cannot re-enter the game during that half of play. There shall be a maximum of 3 moments to make seven (7) substitutions in any half or in overtime of any Elite Academy League Competition.

To help teams and referees keep track of substitutions, the starting 11 passes will be given to the referee; substitutions will give their pass to the ref when coming on. All passes are to be returned at HT. Repeat the process for the second half.


Any player suspected of suffering a head injury may be substituted for an evaluation without the substitution counting against the team’s total number of allowed substitutions during the game. 

  • If the club has used all their subs and/or moments when a head injury occurs, they will still be allowed to make a temporary substitute, bringing on a player that was previously subbed for
  • If the player is deemed by the HCP or ATC to not have suffered a concussion, the player may re-enter the game at any stoppage of play and must replace the original substitute; this head injury evaluation substitution will not count as a used substitution
  • Furthermore, the temporary substitute will be able to re-enter the game at a later time, if they had not previously played in that half
  • If the player is not cleared to return to play by the HCP or ATC, the replacement player will no longer be considered a temporary substitution