SBSRA provides referee services for all El Segundo Adult 7v7 Soccer Leagues.  These games are played at Campus El Segundo on Friday nights.

Single Referee Call-In: 310-955-9905 option 1:  Call-Ins must occur at least 1 hour, but no earlier than 4 hours, before the match start time so the Assignor knows that all single referee matches will be covered.


Contact numbers:

  • Field condition hotline: (310) 524-2883
  • Recreation Specialist/Checkout Building (310) 524-2700

Game Fees:

Pre and post match tasks:

  • SBSRA referees will check in the players using the rosters supplied by the Recreation Specialist at the field and a picture ID card supplied by the players.
  • SBSRA referees will utilize the score sheets supplied by the Recreation Specialist at the field to record the scores and any Yellow cards.
  • SBSRA will return the rosters and completed score cards to the Recreation Specialist after the referee’s final match.


  • IFAB LOTG as modified by the El Segundo Recreation and Park rules: 2022 Adult Coed 7v7 Soccer Rules
  • Tied games during the regular season end as ties
  • Tied games during playoffs will utilize the tie breaking rules
  • Game length: 55 Minutes (Two 25-minute halves plus 5 minute half-time).  The Referee must keep the games on time.
  • A maximum of four (4) males may be on the field at all times (ex: 4 females, 3 males or 4 males, 3 females). NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Teams are allowed to play with 4 males, 2 females if they are short-handed.
  • SHIN GUARDS must be worn by all players covered by socks
  • Exposed jewelry may not be worn.
  • Substitutions – Substitutes may enter the game on a dead ball or during play. Players do not need to be signaled in by the referee; however, they must enter the field on their side at midfield as marked by the substitution lines and only after the player they are substituting for has left the field. Players may exit the field on the opposite side of the field or goal line ONLY if referee stops play and approves the substitution (example: injury to a player). Penalty for illegal substitution: play blown dead, an in-direct free kick is awarded to opposing team at the point of the whistle and a yellow card issued to the player entering or exiting the field in a manner not consistent with the rules of the game.
  • Special/Unique rules:
    • All kicks are indirect except for Kick-off, Goal Kick, Corner Kick, Penalty Kick.
    • GOAL KICKS are direct kicks and are taken from anywhere in the goal area (Note that the goal area is in the form of an arc).
    • No SLIDE TACKLING or playing the ball from the ground. Nothing but the feet can be on the ground if there is any other player with-in 5 feet . Restart is an Indirect kick.
    • No Offside.
    • A deliberate hand ball that disallows an obvious goal will result in a red card and penalty kick.  All other “hand balls” result in an indirect kick.
    • Goal Area Rule: A player may only touch the ball while in the goal area if the ball entered the goal area before the player.  A violation of this rule by the attacking player results in a goal kick. A violation of this rule by a defending player results in a penalty kick.  If a player is in the goal area before the ball and no touching the ball occurs by the player in the goal area, then no foul has been committed.
    • PENALTY KICKS will only be awarded for goal arch violations or a deliberate hand ball that disallows an obvious goal as documented above.
      • Penalty shots will be taken from the 25 yard mark.
      • The ball must be positioned on a portion of the marked penalty spot.
      • The kick is considered a dead ball (no additional action by any player) with only 2 results.
        • (1) If the penalty kick crosses the goal line entirely within the goal, a goal will be awarded.
        • (2) In all other circumstances, a goal kick will be awarded to the defending team.
      • All players on both teams, excluding the kicker, must stand at least 10 yards behind the spot of the ball during the kick. The kicker must be clearly identified and referee must signal the kicker before the try.
    • Fighting, arguing, abusive language and swearing will not be tolerated. Players not abiding by these guidelines may be excluded from play (Sent off).


  • El Segundo Campus is a synthetic Turf Field.  Absolutely no food or drinks, other than water, will be allowed onto the field area
  • Referee Reports are required for all Send Offs and serious injuries.
  • Wear your SBSRA badge at these matches as the ES league is not affiliated with USSF.
  • Each team pays half of game fees to the Referee prior to the game on the field.  The Referee is responsible for paying the Assignor fees per match. The Assignor will greatly appreciate your using his Venmo account – @Veto-Galati.