The Los Angeles Japanese League is a non-affiliated men’s league playing mostly on Saturdays throughout the year. They also put on youth tournaments from time to time. Most matches are played at Carr Elementary School, and elsewhere, from time to time.

The J-League is not affiliated with USSF.  Wear your SBSRA badge at these matches.

SBSRA League Point of Contact – Jonny Joseph



  • FIFA/USSF rules are to be followed, with unlimited substitution at any stoppage with the referee’s permission.
  • Match duration – Halves are forty minutes with a maximum half time of five minutes.
  • All Matches must start on time. If teams are not ready, referees are to start their watches at the scheduled match time.
  • Second half must start no later than 5 minutes from the end of the first half.
  • Excepting playoffs all matches must end within eighty-five minutes of the scheduled start time (two forty minute halves + 5 minute max. halftime).”
  • It is a J-League rule that “ALL players (excluding goalkeepers) MUST have numbers on their jerseys.  No exceptions: no numbers, no play!


  • Each team will provide the Referee an informal roster of players before the match.
  • Game fees are paid in cash on the field and listed on the Game Fees page.
  • At the end of each match, including youth matches, the referees are requested to meet at the center circle with the players of both teams lining up opposite each other; the referee then announces the final score.
  • The League also runs a Youth tournament which is fairly informal and the rules vary, as does payment – you may be paid on the field, or get a check later from SBSRA.
  • Game Fees