Please remember that this is a recreational league so adjust your game management accordingly.  Follow the rules but be lenient and have some fun while the kids are having some fun.

NOTE: The City of Lawndale Community Services Department requires each SBSRA soccer official working games in the City of Lawndale Spring Youth Soccer Program to submit to the City two documents as follows prior to working his/her first game of the season, or as soon thereafter as possible:

  1. Proof of auto insurance coverage from all contractors who work in the city.  As Independent Contractors, each referee who works the Lawndale league needs to send in a copy of his/her Auto Insurance card to the City.
  2. Release, Hold Harmless and Agreement Not to Sue Waiver.  Please complete this waiver at the administrative table prior to working your first game, or as soon as possible thereafter, in the Lawndale Spring Youth Soccer Program. Only one waiver must be completed by each official annually.

Please send copies of both documents to:

Mike Estes

Lawndale Community Services Department
Attn: Mike Estes
14717 Burin Avenue Lawndale, CA 90260

City of Lawndale Business License
SBSRA League Point of Contact – Steve Morgan


All divisions City of Lawndale Youth Soccer Games are played at Rogers/Anderson Park, 4161 W. Manhattan Beach Blvd., Lawndale (map link). The entrance to the park is difficult to find if you have not been there before. The entrance to Rogers Anderson Park is off Manhattan Beach Blvd., just east of Freeman Avenue on the north side of Manhattan Beach Blvd. Freeman Avenue is one signal light east of Hawthorne Blvd and you can see the entrance on your left just after Freeman Avenue. If you are traveling west on Manhattan Beach Blvd, the entrance is just before you get to Freeman Avenue and will be on your right.


  • Rules, all Divisions
  • NEW: Lawndale changed the time between matches for the 11 – 12 Division and 13-17 Division to 75 minutes so these matches once again have 30 minute halves.
  • NEW: NO HEADINGS FOR DIVISIONS AGE 10 AND UNDER.  This is an infraction of the rules of play and the match is restarted with an indirect free kick  from the point of the infraction unless the infraction occurs be the defending team inside the goal area.  In that case the IFK occurs at the goal area line parallel to the goal line from the point of the infraction.
  • 11-12 Division and up use size 5 balls
  • For the 5-7 Division Off-Side “is not strictly enforced.”  Allowing the referee to enforce offside only if she/he felt the players were taking advantage of being in an Off-Side position.
  • For playoffs Only; matches ending in a tie at the end of regular time go straight to FIFA Kicks From The Mark 


  • NEW: All Referees must sign a City of Lawndale “Hold Harmless Agreement” document in order to Referee any City of Lawndale matches.  If you do not want to sign this document you need to ask the SBSRA Assignor to remove you from Lawndale matches.  This document will be at the Referee table at the field.
  • Wear your SBSRA badge at these matches as the Lawndale league is not affiliated with USSF.
  • You WILL NOT be paid at the field. SBSRA will issue a check for payment to the referee.
  • Field Set-up
  • Game Fees