The Lennox School District, through its Lennox Enrichment After-School Program (LEAP) offers a Boys and Girls elementary schools soccer program.



English / Spanish

Following are highlights of the league rules and other information regarding these games:

  • Games are played 11 v 11
  • Teams must begin a game with at least seven (7) players
  • Coaches are responsible for all field set up, including properly anchored goals with nets
  • At the start of every game coach is to hand the referee a “team roster” sheet. However, no check in is required, other than an equipment check
  • No headers allowed
  • No slide tackles allowed
  • 25-minute halves with running time; no time added for injuries
  • Five (5) minute halftime
  • No timeouts
  • Free substitutions. Substitutions can be made with prior referee approval during the following stoppages of play:
    • Own throw-ins and corner kicks (other team can substitute then also)
    • Goal kicks (either team)
    • Kick offs (either team)
  • Games played with a Size 5 ball for boys and a Size 4 ball for girlseach team should be prepared to provide 2 game balls for each game
  • Coaches will be responsible for setting up goals
  • Soccer cleats and tennis shoes are permitted, metal cleats, baseball cleats and football cleats may not be worn
  • No jewelry is permitted other than medical bracelets or necklaces. Jewelry may not be taped over or covered with band aids.
  • Shin guards must be worn by all players at all times (Referee will check that all players have shin guards)
  • Complete uniform, including socks, shorts, shin guards and jersey, must be worn by every player. Long sleeved shirts may be worn under uniform jerseys
  • During regular season, there is no overtime or penalty kicks, a game may end in a tie
  • In playoffs, if a game is tied after regulation there will be NO OVERTIME period. Game will be resolved by five (5) penalty kicks for each team.
  • If a team leads by more than 4 goals with ten (10) minutes or less remaining in the second half, the game is ruled a mercy. The game may continue for the rest of the time permitted but no further goals will be counted and recorded.
  • Although the rules (English / Spanish) provide for cautions and send offs, please work with coaches in these situations for the coaches to address misconduct instead of showing yellow or red cards
  • Keep in mind, these are elementary school players, many of whom may be playing organized sports for the first time. Accordingly:
    • Be more of a teacher (coach) than a referee
    • Help them with restarts
    • Correct errors on throw-ins and have the same player try again
    • Be patient and helpful
  • If you have issues with parents or other spectators, seek help from the coaches and/or administrators rather than confronting them yourself.