“ZogSports is the co-ed recreational league that delivers the best mix of sports and social.” — From ZogSports.

This league is not affiliated with USSF: Wear your SBSRA badge.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  MANDATORY Pre-Game Announcement: Referees MUST follow the script below before starting the game


  • Santa Monica College at Corsair Stadium: directions.
    • Call the SMC Campus Police at (310) 434-4300 to unlock goals if required.
    • There is a charge for parking but to tell the parking attendant you are the soccer referee and they should give you a parking pass. Otherwise there is free street parking south and east of the stadium.
  • Westwood Recreation Center: directions

Contact Information:

Game Format & Rules (may differ by Program or Venue):

“Games against free agent teams (Zog Team #1 and Zog Team #2) will only need at least one women on the field at a time. We have asked that a representative from the free agent teams inform the assigned official they are a free agent team so they are aware that the modified co-ed rule should be in effect for that game.”


  • If your match is forfeit, you are expected to run a dual system on an adjacent match.  Please review the SBSRA policy on forfeits.
  • Score must be submitted by email within 24 hours to to the assignor for the respective

  • MANDATORY Pre-Game Announcement – Referees MUST follow this script before starting the game: 
    • Made to both teams as a whole.  Call in both teams (not just the team captains)
    • Introduce yourself with your NAME
    • Point out anything special about the field
    • Ask a captain/leader of each team to step forward.  Have each of them say three things:
      • Their Personal Name
      • Their Team Name
      • The Charity they are playing for (we play for charities and not trophies)
    • Announce any special League announcements (like if registration for the next season is open)
    • Then rock/paper/scissors with the captains.  The winner gets to choose “Ball or side”.  The other team then get’s to choose the opposite after the first captain has made his/her choice
    • End by saying “Let’s have fun”