“ZogSports is the co-ed recreational league that delivers the best mix of sports and social.” — From ZogSports.

This league is not affiliated with USSF: Wear your SBSRA badge.

Single Referee Call-In: 310-955-9905 option 1:  Call-Ins must occur at least 1 hour, but no earlier than 4 hours, before the match start time so the Assignor knows that all single referee matches will be covered.


  • Santa Monica College at Corsair Stadium: directions.
    • Call the SMC Campus Police at (310) 434-4300 to unlock goals if required.
    • There is currently no charge for parking but if that changes, please tell the parking attendant you are the soccer referee and they should give you a parking pass. Otherwise there is free street parking south and east of the stadium.

Contact Information:

Game Format & Rules:

  • For the fall 2023 season, please note that the gender rule requirements do not apply to games involving the Friday Night Lights and Tars Attacks teams.
  • Game Format and Rules Sunday afternoon and evening 8 v 8, Santa Monica College
  • Rainout Number – 310-494-0394
  • League Rules of Note:
      • Slide tackles (when a player’s knee(s) touch the ground and an opponent is within playing distance of the tackler) and bicycle kicks are illegal
      • All free kicks are direct except for the following:
        • Slide tackles
        • Dangerous play
        • Goalkeeper pass back violation
        • Stoppage of play to discipline an opposing player

    Players must wait for a refs whistle or gesture to take the kick

      • Game time is forfeit time
      • Teams may not play with less than 5 players
      • Non-roster players may be picked up, with certain penalties, if a team is short of rostered players
      • Shin guards are strongly recommended
      • Metal cleats are NOT allowed
      • Unlimited substitutions of players are permitted with prior approval of the referee at a stoppage in play
      • There is no offside rule
      • The “Goal Box” is the equivalent of the penalty area:
        • 11 yards from the goal line
        • 4 yards wider than the goal posts
        • Marked by cones on the end line and markers on the corners
      • Goalies cannot punt or drop kick the ball, If goalie punts/drop kicks ball, a corner kick for the opposing team will be awarded
      • If the game’s play is stopped due to an injury, the apparently injured player must take a two-minute break from the game of play, off the field.
      • If a player receives a yellow card for any reason, s/he will be required to sit out of the game for four minutes and the team will play down a player during those four minutes.
      • All free kicks will be taken from the spot of the foul – teams must wait for a refs whistle or gesture
      • Free kicks resulting from a goalie pass back will be taken from the spot where the ball was initially passed back from
    • Playoff Games
      • Playoff games will follow the same format as the regular season.  If teams are tied at the end of regulation in the playoffs, sudden death overtime will be used.
      • Sudden Death
        • One 5 minute period
        • Rock, paper, scissors will be conducted as at the beginning of the overtime period to determine side/possession
        • Teams will not switch sides
        • If neither team scores after the 5 minute overtime period, teams will go into a penalty kick shootout
      • Penalty Kick Shootout
        • Each team selects 3 players and informs referee of shooters prior to the first shot being taken
        • Players do not have to have been playing at the end of regulation

    Current Season:

    • Games will begin April 24th
    • Off date: May 29th
    • Tentative Playoff Date: June 12th


    • If your match is forfeit, you are expected to run a dual system on an adjacent match.  It is not up to the referee on that field! Please review the SBSRA policy on forfeits.
    • Score must be submitted by email within 24 hours to the assignor:
      • Sunday: Gabriel Goldsman, assignor@sbsra.org
      • Please include date, field and game times in your email.
    • MANDATORY Pre-Game Announcement – Referees MUST follow this script before starting the game: 
      • Made to both teams as a whole.  Call in both teams (not just the team captains)
      • Introduce yourself with your NAME
      • Point out anything special about the field
      • Ask a captain/leader of each team to step forward.  Have each of them say two things:
        • Their Personal Name
        • Their Team Name
      • Announce any special League announcements (like if registration for the next season is open)
      • Then rock/paper/scissors with the captains.  The winner gets to choose “Ball or side”.  The other team then get’s to choose the opposite after the first captain has made his/her choice
      • End by saying “Let’s have fun”