As a Referee, you have the responsibility to issue red cards when they are “earned” by the players. The bottom line is that if you do not want to issue red cards when required or complete the required paperwork after issuing a red card, you should not be a referee.

As the Referee, it is a requirement that you fill out a Cal South Referee Report which is available as PDF fillable form and send it to our Member-at-Large within 24 hours of issuing any red card (send-off) in any of your matches or anytime there is a serious injury or any time you terminate a match.

Instructions on using the Cal South Fill-in Referee Report:

  1. Download the PDF fillable Cal South Referee Report to your desktop and save it with your name and report date in the filename, e.g. 2017-09-12.misconduct_report.Mike_Bigelow.pdf.
  2. Open the form from your desktop and complete your report by filling in the appropriate fields.
  3. Save it back to your desktop.
  4. Click here to generate an email to the Member-at-Large, attach the saved form and send the email.  Note: Using this approach, you can reopen the form to edit if required.
  5. The Member-at-Large may help you with the wording if needed and will send the final version to the appropriate league as required as required by that specific league.
  6. If you were required to pull a player of coach ID card, the MAL will provide you with the information required for you to send in the Cal South Referee Report and the ID cards to the appropriate authorities.
  7. NOTE:  You need to complete a separate report for each person sent-off, expelled or injured.  Cautions in the match may be documented in either of the “Description of the Incident” sections if the cautions directly relate to the incident being reported.

Notes from Coast Soccer League, Southern California Development Soccer League, and SBSRA regarding pre-printed match reports (aka team rosters) and Cal South Referee Reports (used for Red Cards and serious injuries)

  1. ALL send-offs and cautions are documented on the pre-printed match report (aka team rosters) supplied at the field by the home team, whether or not a supplemental Cal South Referee Report is filed.  All Red cards (including 2nd cautions) and serious injuries require a Cal South Referee Report to be generated and submitted to the SBSRA Member-at-Large.
  2. Each league has different requirements for when player ID cards must be confiscated and sent into the leagues with the Cal South Referee Report.  For example;
    1. CSL and DSL require the Referee to confiscate and send in a Player or Administrator Pass for Referee Assault and Violent Conduct.
    2. PSL requires the Referee to confiscate and send in a Player ID card for any Red card.
  3. A Cal South Referee Report is also required for any and all terminated matches.