As announced recently, Cal South’s Referee Committee is launching its “Female Development Initiative.” This initiative is a program dedicated to the female referee who is seeking support or to advance their referee license.

With this program being focused on female referees, Cal South will be hosting a series of instruction dedicated to females in the referee community via Zoom (and some in person), along with mentoring sessions during State/National cup and other local tournaments. Also planned is an all-female mentor camp in Ojai, June 2024. Many of our guest speakers, mentors and coaches will include current and past female FIFA, PRO and National officials.  

Our hope is that the participants in the program will share with their association what they have learned and inspire not only other female referees, but everyone in their association.  

So female members in our association (all ages/experience), be aware of the program (application form link ). 

Female referees, please be on the lookout for an email from Cal South inviting you to attend our program kickoff meeting being held on September 28th at 7pm via zoom. Register Here .  We will use this time to share the program details and answer any questions there may be. 

With your support, we will have the best female referee program in the nation. 

If you have any questions, please contact Penny Rehm @ or 951.315.5023.