Free Annual Dues!!

Would you like to have FREE annual dues? Recruit a new referee to be eligible for the New Member Incentive by handing out these flyers at games.

The IFAB’s 137th Annual General Meeting

The IFAB 137th Annual General Meeting was held 4 March 2023 in London. Read the Agenda. Read the Decisions from the meeting. Read the Outline summary of Law changes. Watch the news conference following the AGM.

Get your gear!

To place an order, please contact Manny at 310-215-5454,  We accept most major credit cards (Venmo: @EMANUEL-FINEBERG) as well as PayPal. (PayPal a/c Please provide full name, address, email address and phone number on your orders. We will use USPS Priority Mail as much as possible to keep shipping costs as low as we […]

Recertification for 2023 is now available

Information regarding certification for 2023 is available on CalSouth at  To register for 2023, you will need to complete all of the requirements listed including: Notes Regarding the Quiz: NOTE:  Last day to complete certification requirements for 2023 approval is June 14th, 2023.

US Soccer Referee Signals Videos

To better prepare for the forthcoming Club Soccer Season, please watch the US Soccer Referee Signals and US Soccer Assistant Referee Signals videos at under the Videos section.

Law 11 – Offside: ‘deliberate play’ guidelines clarified

Following a number of high-profile situations and based on the expectation that a player who is clearly in an offside position should not become ‘onside’ on all occasions when an opponent moves and touches the ball, The IFAB and FIFA, after discussions with football stakeholders, have clarified the guidelines for distinguishing between ‘deliberate play’ and […]

Monthly Membership Meeting Survey Results

To maintain our high standards of refereeing, accomplished by share information and instruction with our members via our Flag & Whistle monthly newsletter and our monthly membership meetings, we conducted a survey about our monthly membership meetings. Thank you for your responses. The vast majority of the large number of responses received stated their preferences for our meetings […]


Please visit our Futsal page for all the details.

New Ratings System Survey: Feedback

The Board, working with various sub-committees, has worked for several hours on the proposed New Ratings System to develop something new and improved from the system previously used. While we believe it is comprehensive and will be effective, we appreciate any feedback that you, our members, provided. Please read the feedback received and the Board […]