21 May: SBSRA Soccer Talk / Topic : Conflict Resolution and Fitness

SBSRA Members, We are holding the 3rd SBSRA Talk Soccer Zoom meeting on Thursday 5/21/2020.  We will be talking about Conflict Resolution and Fitness. Also reminder of training requirements for Cal South, links for Cal South training included, technically this does not count as a GMM. Hope to see you on the meet. Hope you can participate in […]

13 May: 2nd SBSRA Talk Soccer meeting : topic is Offside

SBSRA Members, Based on the participation and positive feedback from the 1st SBSRA Talk Soccer Zoom meeting, we are holding the 2nd SBSRA Talk Soccer Zoom meeting on Wednesday 5/13/2020.  We will be talking about Offside and we will have some video clips to show during the meeting.  But the main reason for the meeting is […]

Free Resources from Referee

NASO has provided the items listed for download absolutely FREE. As an added bonus, you can opt in to receive valuable weekly tips on successful officiating and updates at the NASO website. — Free Issue of Referee Magazine — Find Your Officiating Personality — Free Quizzes Free Quizzes — Soccer: https://www.referee.com/soccer-officials-quiz-2019/  — 18 Tips For Beginning Officials […]

2020 Required Training

The Board hopes everyone is doing fine during these times and we look forward to the return to normalcy.  With the start of reopening the country, and getting people back to work, we hope that we will be able see everyone out of the pitch or at a SBSRA event shortly.   By the way, […]

IFAB Circular No. 18: 2020-2021 Law changes

The 134th AGM of The IFAB took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 29 February 2020 and was chaired by the Irish FA President, Mr David Martin. Details of the main decisions taken and discussions held at the AGM are outlined in IFAB Circular No. 18. Full scope of the changes and clarifications are included in […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) status

As you probably have read, Cal South as suspended all program and competition activities through April 17, 2020. In addition all of our other clients have suspended their seasons until future notice. With the interest of our member’s health and wellbeing in mind, SBSRA is canceling both the March RPD on the 17th and March […]

How do changes to IFAB Law 16 (The Goal Kick) affect the Build-Out Line?

Since IFAB’s changes to Law 16 (The Goal Kick) went in effect on June 1, 2019, there have been a lot of questions about how the new rule impacts the implementation of the Build-Out Line (BOL). The short answer is, very little. The purpose of a BOL is to ease defensive pressure on goal kicks/goalkeeper […]

Recertification for 2020 is now available

Information regarding Recertification is available on CalSouth at https://calsouth.com/maintenance-upgrade-requirements/.  In addition to registration and payment, you will need to take the Recertification Quiz for Grassroots Referees (Previous Grade 9, 8 & 7) for 2020. You can click here to take that test. As reference you can click here for the recent Laws of the Game. […]