CRL’s mission is to provide interplay of teams and clubs affiliated in good standing with California State Soccer Association – South (Cal South). The CRL is managed and supervised by Coast Soccer League (CSL).

The CRL is an invitational Competition Teams will be invited based annually on their previous seasons State Tournament Results or CSL and CRL Standings in the U12 – U19 age divisions.

Game Fees

2023 Spring League Rules

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Player Eligibility

A player may not be listed on the Team Roster of more than one CRL team; however, a player who holds a current State Association member pass may play via the Club Pass on a team in a different age group from within the same State Association affiliated club.

Member Passes

Valid US Youth Soccer/State Association member passes, or approved picture rosters or digital id cards will be used for CRL play. All State Association member passes must be valid for the current season, have a current player photo and be laminated. Coaches must possess the Cal South\CRL Appropriate Coaching license level (US Soccer “D” License Mandatory 2020 season) which must be indicated on his/her coaches’ pass. Prior to the start of the game, each team is required to present to the referee a completed Game Roster sheet showing name, number, of each player participating in the game. Each participating player, coach, and team administrator shall present an identification pass to the referee or photo on the game roster.

The referee shall check each player’s pass and assure the picture on the pass matches the player and the name on the pass matches the name on the game roster sheet. All passes must conform to their State Association requirements. If a player does not have a pass or photo on the game roster, THAT PLAYER SHALL NOT PLAY. The coach shall sign the game roster sheet attesting to its accuracy and to the eligibility of all players on the sheet before the start of the game. Failure to sign the game roster sheet may result in a disqualification of the game or other disciplinary action.

Age Designations

Team Age Groups will be based on age designations using the Jan 1- Dec 31 rule.

Age Groups

The CRL will have teams in the following age groups:

  • U12-U19 for boys and girls.

Maximum Players

The maximum number of players per team is

  • U12U (16),
  • U13U – 19U (22) 

Game Day Procedures

If games are not hosted by CRL then home team shall provide game balls for competition.

Home team will be responsible for:

  • Posting the score
  • Forwarding the Game Rosters for all home games during the CRL season to the address on the Game Roster Form.

Conference hosted sites:

  1. Certified Athletic Trainer
  2. Tents for each team
  3. Benches for Each Team
  4. Water / Drinks for Each team
  5. Opportunity to Video Games/Live Stream

Both teams will be responsible for:

  • Updating their own online game information including:
  • Players that participated in the game for their team.
  • Yellow and red cards issued to their team.
  • Signing Game Reports at the end of the game and verifying information on the Game Report is accurate.


Laws of the Game

Games will be played under the applicable rules of US Youth Soccer. Teams are responsible for obtaining and being familiar with the U.S. Soccer Official Administrative Handbook and the FIFA Laws as they govern play subject to the modifications noted herein.


In the U12-U13-U14 age groups, substitutions shall be unlimited except where specified otherwise in the rules and regulations for a special competition.

In the U15-U16-U17-U18-U19 age groups the CRL will operate under the FIFA-Seven (7) “per half’ substitution system. Once replaced, players cannot re-enter the game during each half of play.

Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage in play.

Due to weather related issues the CRL may modify the Play-in games and substitution rules to allow unlimited re-entry as teams may be required to play 2 games per day.

Match Length and Ball Size

Age GroupLength of HalfBall Size
U17 – U1945 min5
U15 – U1640 min5
U13 – U1435 min5
U1230 min4

Field Size

The home team is responsible for ensuring that the fields are marked and set-up for play on game days.

If games are played at a CRL hosted site, the CRL will be responsible for ensuring that the fields are marked and set-up for play on game days.

Field Marking

All fields must be properly marked, have corner flags, (it is recommended that there be mid field flags and that they be placed at the Halfway Line) regulation goals, spectator lines, and technical area. Home team is responsible for field set up. The playability of fields will be determined by the referee. If a field is declared not playable due to rain or other unforeseeable Acts of God and games cannot be played, the game will be rescheduled by the CRL Commissioner.

Official Match

A match shall be considered official after one full half of play is completed (the second half does not have to start). If less than one-half is completed and the match is abandoned, the entire match must be replayed. If a match is abandoned in the second half of play due to inclement weather, the final score will be the score at the time the match is abandoned. If a match is abandoned for any other reason including but not limited to gross misconduct, the NL Pacific Conference and CRL Commissioner will decide the disposition of the match score following review of all information available.

Forfeits-Lack of Appearance

A twenty-minute (20) delay in the start of a game due to a team’s lack of appearance is permitted for scheduled matches before the match is abandoned. A willful failure to appear for a game will result in the offending team being dropped from the CRL and all prior played games will be declared NO GAME. The offending team will be subject to further disciplinary action including fines.

Anchored Goals

The match referee crew should inspect the integrity of the goals to ensure they are secure and suitable for play. Matches shall not begin until both goals have been firmly secured.

Player Passes/Rosters/Game Rosters

Each team must bring their laminated US Youth Soccer or State Association member passes, two copies CRL Game Roster, no more than 18 players from a team may appear on the Game Roster as eligible to play in any single game. Referees are to collect the US Youth Soccer or State Association issued Player Passes for any non-participating player that is sitting on a team’s bench for the match prior to the match to ensure that such players do not participate in the match. Such Player Passes are to be returned to the team following the match.

Availability of Team Rosters

Upon request, copies of CRL Game Rosters must be provided to the opposing team coach/manager prior to the start of each game.

Uniform Colors

The home team shall wear a DARK Colored jersey, shorts and socks and the visitor team shall wear LIGHT colored jersey, shorts, and socks. If the referee decides that jerseys are not of a distinct difference, the home team is required to change and assure a distinct difference between the teams. Failure of the home team to have a suitable alternate jersey is a protestable item and the CRL Commissioner may impose a fine to the team.

Team Bench Supervision

A coach, manager, or team official must always supervise a CRL team at the Team Bench Area. Coaches, managers, and team officials are required to provide the Referee with a pass, as provided by US Youth Soccer/State Association, certifying that the coach, manager, or team official is currently rostered with the team/club. If by send off or emergency, a team does not have a coach, manager, or team official to supervise the team, then the game shall be declared a disqualification.

Payment of Referees

Referee fees for CRL team Division games shall be paid by each team paying one-half of referee fees prior to the scheduled match as follows:

Birth YearAge GroupDuration3 Referees2 Referees1 Referee
2003-2005U17 – U1990 mins$90$72$54
2006-2007U15 – U1680 mins$80$64$48
2008-2009U13 – U1470 mins$70$56$42
2010’sU1260 mins$60$48$36

Note: Amounts above are per team, total match fees are double the above amounts.

Termination of Matches

Referees may terminate matches for lack of crowd control, poor team behavior or other unsportsmanlike circumstances. Each coach is responsible for the behavior and conduct of his/her players. Upon request by the Game Officials, coaches are responsible to assist in the control of parents, fans, and spectators. The Referee will report the termination of any match to the CRL Commissioner within 24 hours.

Filing of Referee Report

If a match is terminated the game Referee must file a Referee Report with the CRL Commissioner within 24 hours of the match. In the event that red or yellow cards are issued during the match, the Report must be filed within 12 hours of the match. Filing shall be defined as providing pertinent match information via e-mail or other electronic transmission. Original copies of all paperwork must be postmarked within 48 hours of a match.

Red Cards

If the referee ejects a player or dismisses an administrator, the referee will not retain the pass. The referee shall complete a referee report describing the events leading up to the ejection and give it to CRL Representative at the match site.

Violent Conduct by a Coach (Conduct detrimental to the game)

  • Physical contact with a Referee or Assistant Referee
  • Report sent directly to State Association PAD. Coach suspended till outcome of hearing.
  • Physical contact with Player or Coach
  • Any racial verbiage, excessive use of profanity or verbal abuse
  • Threatening behavior
  • Spitting
  • Fighting

Violent Conduct by Player (Conduct detrimental to the game)

  • Physical contact with a Referee or Assistant Referee
  • Report sent directly to State Association PAD. Player suspended till outcome of hearing.
  • Physically striking another Player, or Coach
  • Any racial verbiage, excessive use of profanity or verbal abuse
  • Spitting
  • Fighting

Use the Referee Report to report any SERIOUS injury in a game. “Mommy make it better” injuries do not need to be reported, although you might note something like that on the pre-printed match report (that a player left the field due to an injury). Serious injuries include a broken bone, unconsciousness, etc.  Basically anything for which a player is treated by the Trainer and does not return to the field, would have to go to the hospital or see a doctor.

If you have any questions about whether or not to submit a Referee Report, call or email the SBSRA Member at Large or the SBSRA Assignor.

Submitting timely reports is for your benefit, the benefit of other Referees, and all the players, parents and administrators who participate to enjoy the game and abide by the rules.