Coast Soccer League (CSL) was created and established to operate a competitive gaming circuit designed to offer the highest and best competition in Southern California.

All CSL Gaming Circuit games shall be played under the current “Laws of the Game” as published by FIFA, subject to specific CSL Gaming Circuit Rules as created by the CSL Board of Directors and the appropriate CSL Rules and Regulations Committee.


  • Hard casts are not permitted under ANY circumstances,
  • Heading is permitted from the 2012 age group, regardless of the age of individual players.

Coast Soccer League is the site where you can find information on player/coach discipline (Cautions and Send Offs), team standings, field locations, et cetera.

Game Fees

2024 CSL Fall Rules

2024 CSL Spring Rules

Check for field closures.

Coast Soccer League Fields Directory

Cal State Dominguez Hills — Fields Map

CSL Referee App — report match results online, track schedule changes and more.

Review the Cal South LOTG Modifications for all 7v7 and 9v9 matches

CSL Match Reporting: 

  1. Use the CSL Referee App at the conclusion of each game, scan the bar code on each match report and verify/add information as necessary for the following:
    1. Score
    2. Yellow cards
    3. Red cards
    4. Ratings of teams, coaches and spectators
  2. Note ALL send-offs and cautions on the pre-printed CSL match report supplied at the field by the home team, whether or not a Referee Report is filed.
  3. Use the online-download Referee Report for all Red Card/Send Offs.   Completed match reports should be sent to
  4. Only in cases of referee assault, violent conduct or suspected falsification of documents should the Player / Administrator / Coach Passes be withheld. In such cases, a Referee Report detailing the events and violations should be generated and sent to the SBSRA MAL.
  5. Use the Match Report to report any SERIOUS injury in a game. “Mommy make it better” injuries do not need to be reported, although you might note something like that on the pre-printed CSL match report (that a player left the field due to an injury). Serious injuries include a broken bone, unconsciousness, etc.  Basically anything for which a player would have to go to the hospital or see a doctor.

If you have any questions about whether or not to submit a Referee Report, email the SBSRA Member at Large or phone 310-955-9905.

Submitting timely reports is for your benefit, the benefit of other Referees, and all the players, parents and administrators who participate to enjoy the game and abide by the rules.