US Youth Soccer National League Elite 64 (E64) is a program of, and administered by, US Youth Soccer (USYS). E64 is governed by US Youth Soccer (USYS), the United States Soccer Federation (U.S. Soccer), and the International Football Association Board (IFAB), except where modified by those rules and these E64 rules.

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Elite 64 – Rules (August 2022)


All eligible E64 players must be listed on the GotSport Game Card for a particular E64 match. While up to thirty (30) players may be listed on the GotSport Game Card, only eighteen (18) players are eligible to participate in an E64 match. Should more that eighteen (18) players be listed on the Game Card, inactive players must be manually crossed out.


Valid USYS or USYS member state association player passes (physical or electronic) for the current seasonal year shall be presented to the referee for the match to verify player eligibility.


All teams are required to attend each match with two (2) sets of jerseys and socks for all of its players; one set of light-colored jerseys and socks, and a second set of dark colored jerseys and socks.

It is expected that the first team listed on the E64 schedule (i.e. “home” team) is to wear light/white color jerseys and socks. If, in the opinion of the referee, there is a conflict in uniform color, the team listed second (i.e. “away” team) on the E64 schedule should change its jerseys and socks.


Age GroupReferee FeesFee Splits
13U – 14U$200.00 ($100.00 per team)CR $80, AR $60
15U – 16U$220.00 ($110.00 per team)CR $90, AR $65
17U – 19U$250.00 ($125.00 per team)CR $100, AR $75


Limited coaching is permitted only from one touch line from the team’s respective technical area (if marked) or from the centerline to no more than five (5) yards from the end of the team bench closest to the goal line (if no technical area is marked). Team bench persons may not enter the field without permission from the referee. Only one coach per team may stand and give instruction at a time.


No more than four (4) team bench persons (being only team coaches, team administrators, team medical staff, and team video personnel) shall be permitted at the team bench area during a match. Any team video personnel on the team sideline must have proper credentials issued by USYS or USYS member state association.

Players listed on the GotSport Game Card are permitted in the team bench area during a match. A suspended team bench person is not permitted at the Team Bench Area. A coach, manager or team official must supervise an E64 team at all times in the Team Bench Area.

Coaches, managers, and team officials are required to provide the Referee with a pass (physical or electronic), as provided by USYS or USYS member state association, certifying that the coach, manager or team official is currently rostered with the team/club.


a)   For matches in the 13U and 14U age groups, unlimited substitution will be allowed.

b)   Matches in the 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18/19U age groups will operate under the FIFA-7 players “per half” substitution system. Once replaced, players cannot re-enter the game during that half of play.

c)    Substitutions may be made at any stoppage of play with the approval of the referee.

d)   Re-entry shall be at a normal substitution point (with approval of the referee) or at any point during the game if the referee signals for the player’s re-entry.

e)   During a match where a Health Care Professional (HCP) or Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) is present, if a player is suspected of suffering a head injury, such player may be substituted for evaluation. The substitution for the evaluation of a concussion/head injury will not count toward the team’s total allowed substitutions in a half. However, the team must have at least one substitution available to implement this temporary substitution.

  1. If the player is deemed by the HCP or ATC to not have been diagnosed as having a possible concussion, the player may re-enter the game at any stoppage of play, with approval by the referee, and must replace the original substitute. This head injury evaluation substitution will not count as a used substitution in the half. Furthermore, the temporary substitute will be able to re-enter the game in that half at a later time.
  2. If the player is not cleared to return to play by the HCP or ATC, the replacement player will no longer be considered a temporary substitute and the team will be charged a substitution.
  3. Any discipline issued to the temporary substitute will count for the remainder of the game.


Age GroupLength of Each HalfHalftime
17U and 18/19U45 minutes10 minutes
15U and 16U40 minutes10 minutes
13U and 14U35 minutes10 minutes


Following the conclusion of the game, the Referee shall fill out the official Match Report, which is the GotSport Game Card used for player check-in. The Coach or Team Official from each team is required to sign the completed Match Report prior to leaving the field area. Each team must take a picture of the Match Report for their records. The signed Match Report will be kept by the Referee and submitted to the Referee Assignor.


Any player sent off from an E64 match must leave the field of play but shall remain in the Team Bench Area under the supervision of the player’s Coach. If the sent off player cannot be controlled by the Coach, the Referee may require the removal of the player from the entire field area. If such player is removed from the field area, the Coach must designate a parent or Team Official to supervise the player away from the field area.

Any team official dismissed from participating in an E64 match must leave the field area and retreat to the parking area of the complex. Any team official who is dismissed is prohibited from communicating with his/her team while the team is at the field for its match, including but not limited to cell phone use, texting, tweeting, or other means of communication. Violation of this rule may result in further disciplinary action against the individual and/or team. The match officials and/or site manager are authorized to prohibit the use of any communication devices at the team bench areas. 

If a player is sent off for Violent Conduct, Spitting, or Abusive Language, a U.S. Soccer Supplemental Report must be filled out and submitted to the referee assignor with the Match Report. Additionally, a U.S. Soccer Supplemental Report must be filled out and submitted to the referee assignor for situations involving Referee Abuse or Referee Assault. The referee assignor shall submit all Match Reports and U.S. Soccer Supplemental Reports to the General Manager.


Referees may terminate matches for lack of crowd control, poor team behavior or other unsportsmanlike circumstances. Each coach is responsible for the behavior and conduct of their players. Upon request by the Referees, coaches are responsible for assisting in the control of parents, fans, and spectators. The Referee will report the termination of any match to the General Manager or their designee within 24 hours. The General Manager shall ascertain the facts and determine appropriate disciplinary action. The General Manager, after consultation with the NL Commissioner, shall determine any additional sanctioning.


To be valid and eligible for consideration, a protest must be orally lodged by a team official with the match referee and the opposing coach at the game site before leaving the field of play and noted on the Game Card. All protests must be submitted in writing and filed by the Director of the Club or the Director of Coaching of the Club that the team is a member with the appropriate fee to the League Manager. The formal written protest must be postmarked no later than three (3) business days after match completion in accordance with the Filing Procedures listed in Rule 9.13. The referee is the final authority on the field of play. All decisions of the referees with respect to matters of fact, including judgment matters, are final.