The Los Angeles Premier League™ is a competitive men’s amateur soccer community based in the Santa Monica/Los Angeles/South Bay area that is primarily comprised of players aged 30 and over. There are limited age exceptions. Every 12 months, there are two seasons of play, which includes a League Cup tournament following each regular season.

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This league is not affiliated with USSF: Wear your SBSRA badge.


  • Field locations:  Campus El Segundo, 2201 E. Mariposa Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245

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  • LAPL utilizes the latest version of the IFAB LOTG as modified below.
  • Technical Area: At this location, the teams sit on the same side of the field. Spectators are not permitted in the technical area, approximately 15 yards either side of the halfway line.
  • Substitutions: With the prior approval by the referee, either team may substitute at any restart. Substituted players may return to play at any permitted opportunity.
  • Any player receiving a caution (yellow card) shall leave the field and cannot reenter for at least three (3) minutes. The player may be substituted for and can later return at any normal substitution, as deemed appropriate with the prior approval by the referee after three (3) minutes. If the team with the extra player scores a goal before the end of the 3 (three) minutes, the player or a substitute may re-enter the field at that time. Goalkeepers are not required to sit out following a yellow card.
  • To protect players from serious injury, slide tackling is not permitted when an opponent is within 1 (one) yard of an opponent. This does not apply to the goalkeeper in his own penalty area. The restart is a Direct Free Kick and is always accompanied by a Yellow Card and may be a Red Card, depending on the severity of the challenge. Note – a tackle with one knee on the ground is also a slide tackle and the goalkeeper is like any other player outside the penalty area. A player who receives a Yellow Card for a slide tackle must sit out for 3 (three) minutes and may not be replaced during that time. If the team with the extra player scores a goal before the end of the 3 (three) minutes, the player or a substitute may re-enter the field at that time.
  • Play Off Rules – One 15 (fifteen) overtime period will be played after the completion of the game if the score is tied.  Penalties (penalty-shootout) with only the 11 players on the pitch at end of game being able to participate, will take place if the score is still tied after overtime, beginning with 5 (five) kicks followed by sudden death, if necessary, will be the format of the penalties.


  • Game Fees
  • Pre-Match
    • Field Arrival: At least 30 minutes before match.
    • Rosters, ID Cards/Fees: Obtain rosters, and government issued, picture identification and referee fees, in cash, from team managers as soon as possible.
    • Player and Manager Check-In:
    • Rosters are prepared by each team in an Excel spreadsheet as follows:
      • Column for player’s name,
      • Column with player’s age,
      • Column for jersey number.
    • Referees must make sure that each player listed on the roster has a government issued, picture identification. NO ID = NO PLAY– There are No Player Check-in Exceptions.
    • Each Player shall present his government issued, picture identification to the referee and the referee will check off each player one at a time after verifying the player’s ID and will write the player’s jersey number on the roster. Referees are not required to check or validate players’ ages.
    • Do not retain the government issued identification.
    • Equipment – use common sense. 
    • Not all player uniforms will match. Shorts and socks will be different. Shinguards are required.
    • Each player MUST wear a jersey with a unique number. Players cannot switch jerseys on substitutions, i.e., one player/one number for the entire game. Players without unique numbers on their jerseys may not play, no exceptions.
    • As to jewelry etc., the prime criteria is the safety of others – hard bracelets or protruding rings are not permitted. These are grown men and each makes decisions about items which are not dangerous e.g., flat necklaces, non-bayonet ear rings and soft bracelets, and thus can be overlooked.
  • The Match
    • Match Length: Two 40 (forty) minute halves, with a 5 (five) minute halftime, in a 120 minute window. No overtime.
    • Start Time: As close to scheduled start time as possible. If a match must start more than 15 minutes late, inform both sides and shorten both halves equally.
    • Late Arriving Players: Ensure that AR collects the government issued identification and notes player numbers. The Referee will  allow entry at the next substitution opportunity if his team is playing short. Referee will update the roster at the end of the half.
    • Yellow Cards/Cautions: Substitution is allowed, minimum 3 (three) minute sit-out required, completed if the opposing team scores first. Note: The 3 (three) minute sit-out does not apply to the Goalkeeper.
  • Post-Match
    • Match Report: No action required by the referee, but ensure you have the full name and number of the sent off player(s).
    • For any red cards/send offs, follow standard SBSRA procedures for submission of the USSF Referee Report.
    • After receiving approval from the Member-At-Large or applicable Assignor, the completed USSF Referee Report must be e-mailed to the LAPL president within 24 hours by the applicable Assignor.