South Bay Peninsula Soccer League (SBPSL) is a recreational soccer league with age restrictions for each of their Divisions.

This league is not affiliated with USSF: Wear your SBSRA badge.

South Bay Peninsula Soccer League has a policy that the use of foul language will result in a Yellow card and the related 5 minute sit out by the offending player. SBPSL does not want the use of foul language to impact its ability to get field permits and has requested SBSRA to enforce the foul language policy in a consistent manner. There should not be any “first time” pass for foul language. SBSRA Referees should remind the players during the check-in and at the coin toss that foul language will result in a yellow card if either the Referee or the two Assistant Referees hear foul language.


Contact Information:

  • SBPSL rain hotline (424-337-0409) will answer after 4 rings
  • League’s web site:


  • SBPSL Operating Rules
  • Play Off Rules – No overtime.  Kicks From The Mark with only the 11 players on the pitch at end of game being able to participate in the KFTM.
  • For the Premier Division:  Any player receiving a caution (yellow card) shall be substituted out of the game for NOT LESS than five (5) minutes. That player can later return at any normal substitution, as deemed appropriate with the referee’s permission. This provision shall not apply to goalkeepers.


Suspension List : Check SBPSL website – – for player suspensions.

Field Arrival: At least 30 minutes before match.

Line-Up Cards/Fees: Obtain Line-Up Cards and Referee Fees, in cash, from team managers.

Field Conditions: Home team is responsible. Check conditions; note deviations on the home team’s Line-Up Card and have team manager initial. Play despite technical deficiencies.

Player Check-In:

  1. Make sure that each player listed on Line-Up Card has a current, correct (as to team and division) SBPSL photo ID card. NO ID – NO PLAY– See Player Check-in Exception below.
  2. On the Line-Up Card, check off each player with an ID and verify jersey numbers. Retain ID cards and return after match. If you check in a player whose name appears on the suspension list, notify both managers. If the manager claims that the player is eligible, allow play and note on the Line-Up Card.

Player Check-In Exception: Only with pre-approval from the league, SBPSL is allowing players to play without a player ID card if the Manager has an approved email from the Division Director and the Player shows his Driver License. The Premier Division also requires the manger to have a copy of their Player Liability Waiver and Release Form. The Premier Division Director is Andreas Reiter.  Whenever possible and the league will provide the pre-approval to the SBSRA assignor and the assignor will notify the applicable Referee before the match.

Equipment Check: Use common sense. Not all player uniforms will match. As to jewelry etc., the prime criteria is the safety of others – watches, hard bracelets or protruding rings are not OK. These are grown men and each makes decisions about what is dangerous to himself. They are often seen wearing necklaces, ear rings and soft bracelets.

  • The Match

Match Length: Two 45 minute halves in a 110 minute window. No overtime.

Start Time: As close to scheduled start time as possible. If a match must start more than 15 minutes late, inform both sides and shorten both halves equally.

Substitutions: The maximum number of substitutes is limited to the eligible players on the Line-Up Card. With the referee’s permission, either team may substitute at any restart. Substituted players may return to play.

Late Arriving Players: Ensure that AR collects the SBPSL ID cards and notes player numbers. Allow immediate entry if team is playing short. Update the Line-Up Card at the end of the half.

Cautions: Substitution is allowed, minimum 5 minute sit-out required. Note: The 5 minute sit-out does not apply to the Goalkeeper.

  • Post Match

Match Report: Complete the Line-Up Cards with match result, misconduct, and all other information requested there. Make clear the name and jersey number of carded players. Retain the SBPSL ID card of all players sent off.

Return ID Cards: Return the balance of the SBPSL ID cards to team managers.

Line-Up Cards:
  • For matches without Red Cards (players, coaches, spectators etc.): scan in or attach a photo of both sides of both team’s line up cards into an email and send the email to
  • For matches with Red Cards including Double Yellows (players, coaches, spectators etc.): When a red card is issued, all red cards  must by recorded on a USSF match report. Send a copy of the USSF match report to the SBSRA Member-at-Large. Once the MAL approves the match report, Mail Line-Up Cards, retained SBPSL ID cards, and the approved USSF match report, to SBPSL address shown on Line-Up Cards: SBPSL P.O. Box 1070 Torrance, CA 90505.
  • Forfeit Procedures
If the game is a forfeit and the players present with valid SBPSL ID’s they may, with everyone’s consent, mix players to form up teams and play a scrimmage game. This is a sanctioned SBPSL event that SBSRA referees can officiate, after collecting the usual game fees, and with the usual SBSRA insurance in effect. If the game is not a forfeit, but one team is short-handed, the players present with valid SBPSL ID’s can, with everyone’s consent, mix players to form up teams and play the game. This is a sanctioned SBPSL event that SBSRA referees can officiate, after collecting the usual game fees, and with the usual SBSRA insurance in effect. This is based on our receipt of a SBPSL directive that such games, where registered SBPSL players play for a team other than their own in these two limited cases, are sanctioned SBPSL games/events and all rules and coverage should apply. Per this directive from Andy Strasner, players may NOT switch sides once the match has begun. If there is a sendoff of one of the players, be sure to report it to THE TEAM TO WHICH HE IS REGISTERED.