South Bay Sports offers a number of different adult soccer leagues during the week and on weekends – Full Sided (11v11, Men) and Short Sided (7v7, Men and Coed). The rules of each league are based on IFAB Laws of the Game with certain modifications.

All SBS games are Cal South Affiliated and thus USSF affiliated.  Please wear your USSF badge for all of these matches.

For all leagues, every player must have a current SBS Photo ID Card that includes the Cal South Logo.  No card, no play – NO EXCEPTIONS! A picture of the Photo ID Card on a mobile device is not acceptable. 

Referees are required to report the game scores, and players’ ID cards for all send offs, to the SBS Administration office at the conclusion of your games.


Since almost all 7v7 games are Single Referee Games you must follow the SBSRA single referee game protocol and call the soccer line (310-955-9905) no later than one hour before the scheduled start time of your match. You may call in as long as four hours prior to start but a minimum of one hour. Failure to do so may result in a substitute referee being sent in your place and the substitute will receive the game fees instead of you.


Match Reports (7v7) must be brought to the fields by the referees and Team Rosters (11v11) must be provided to the referees by each team before each game. A team roster is not required for 7v7 games.

Player Photo ID Cards must be provided to the referees by each player and the referee must identify the player by comparing their face to the picture on the ID Card and Team Rosters. If a player clearly does not match to the ID Card, the player may not play and the referee must retain the card and hand it in to SBS staff or with the Match Reports and Team Rosters, and noted on the Match Reports/Team Rosters, unless the incorrect card was provided in error. Late arriving players must present their player card to a referee (7v7) or assistant referee (11v11) before entering the field. 

After the games:

  1. Return all player ID Cards, except as described above and for players sent off, to the team captain/representative,
  2. Take a picture of all player ID cards not returned to the team,
  3. Complete all Match Reports (7v7) and Team Rosters (11v11) before the referee leaves the fields,
  4. The Match Reports/Team Rosters are to be given to a SBS staff member/handed into the SBS Administration office with player cards for all send-offs,
  5. If a SBS staff member cannot be located the referees need to:
    1. Inform the SBSRA Assignor,
    2. Leave the Match Reports/Team Rosters and player cards through the window on the west side of the snack shop, just before the bathrooms.
  6. Any supplemental reports required, i.e., for send offs, serious injuries or any other significant event, must be completed and submitted within 18 hours of the game to the:

7v7 Match Reports

Sample completed 7v7 Match Reports


Please read and be familiar with the rules of the games to which you are assigned. They are easy to confuse between the different days so timely review is a must.


After the completion of regular season games, the 11 v 11 league holds playoffs. Please note the following for playoff games (usually semi-finals and final):

  1. Team managers and substitutes must be situated on the west side of the field (Aviation Avenue side), each team on either side of the halfway line,
  2. SBSRA will provide a 4th official, primarily to assist the referee team with sideline conduct and the substitution process, as necessary,
  3. Game Fees for the 4th official will be 50% of the Game Fee paid to the Referee and are paid by SBS along with other referee fees.

7 v 7 Emphasis of RulesCertain rules are different for each day

NO SLIDE TACKLING in any 7v7 games. No Slide Tackling / Playing the ball on the Ground – Penalized as Direct Free Kick – these shall be defined by the referee as any part of the body, other than the feet, that makes contact with the ground during a challenge or play for the ball.


  • Goalkeepers are exempt
  • Players are allowed to play the ball on the ground so long as no other player(s) (opposing or teammate) are near the ball and the player is not endangering the safety to themselves. Thus this rule does not need to be applied if an opponent is not within playing distance of the player who appears to commit the infraction.

The “Goal Area” and “Penalty Area”

  • A “Goal Area” is marked off in front of each goal. It extends approximately 5 paces/yards onto the field perpendicular to the goal line for all 7v7 games.
  • For the Friday night games with goalkeepers, the field is a miniature version of a full sized field with “Goal Areas” in front of each goal the same as for the other 7v7 games. In addition, there is a “Penalty Area” which extends approximately 8 paces/yards onto the field perpendicular to the goal line.
  • During play, all players (offensive and defensive) must remain outside the “Goal Area” unless the ball is inside the “Goal Area.” This rule is similar to offside in that a player can be in the “Goal Area” (be in offside position) without it being an infraction.
  • An infraction will be called when a defensive or offensive player is inside the “Goal Area” when the ball enters the “Goal Area” and they interfere with play. Penalty Kick if it is a defending player, outgoing free kick if it is an attacker.
  • Players can enter the “Goal Area” without the ball, but if the ball enters the “Goal Area” at any time, and there is a player already there who interferes with play, then it is an infraction.
  • Any player can cross through the “Goal Area” as long as the ball is not in the “Goal Area.” If the ball is already in the “Goal Area,” then players can enter into the “Goal Area” to play the ball or defend the goal.
  • Except for the Friday night League, any foul within 5 yards of the “Goal Area” results in a Penalty Kick .
  • If the a defensive player is clearly in the “Goal Area” before any shot on goal takes place, then a penalty kick on an open goal is awarded.

Penalty Kick

  • The ball is placed 25 yards out. All players must remain behind and 5 yards from the ball.
  • Players will not be allowed to chase after the ball once the ball is kicked.
  • If the ball hits the post, then it will be goal kick for the defending team. If the ball never makes it to the goal line, then it will be a goal kick for the defending team.
  • During the penalty kick, no one can approach the goal or make a running action towards the ball.  If a defensive player does it, the penalty is retaken. If an attacking player does it, a goal kick will be awarded to the defending team.

Please be sure to read the specific rules regarding “Goal Area” restrictions & penalty kicks (25 yards from the goal line except for the Friday night League which is 12 yards from the goal line).


  • All cautionable offenses (Yellow Card) will be punished by a 2-minute penalty.
  • The penalized player must sit out, and a sub will not be allowed to replace him/her.
  • The penalized team receiving the caution will play one person short for 2 minutes, or until a goal is scored by the team with the additional player, whichever occurs first.
  • Sending-off offenses (Red Card) will be punished by ejection of the specific player(s) for the remainder of the game, and a minimum of a 1-game suspension will be issued for the following game.
  • Ejection of any coach, substitute, non-playing personnel, or spectator will result in a 5-minute penalty to the offending team, or until a goal is scored by the team with the additional player, whichever occurs first.

For more information on this league, including team information, standings, etc. visit the South Bay Sports website