SBSRA has coordinated with Cal South to continue to host Center of Referee Education (CORE) training sessions in 2020.  CORE provides a great opportunity for all referees who want to improve their referee skills or to upgrade to the next USSF badge level.  Cal South brings in top level instructors for every session.

The SBSRA-sponsored CORE sessions for 2020 will be held at North High School in Torrance.  The physical fitness training starts at 7:30 pm and the classroom training starts around 8:30 pm ending at approximately 9:30 pm.  The session’s on-field activities includes physical conditioning and match like situations to enhance refereeing mechanics.  After the field work, the session moves to the library for an hour of education and video analysis of match situations.  It is recommended that you print the following and bring them with you for the classroom sessions:  

NOTE: Grade 7 and higher officials must attend at least 3 CORE sessions to maintain their grade.  Those wishing to upgrade to Grade 7 or higher must attend at least 5 CORE sessions per year. 

Please note that while CORE is free and open to anyone, in order to get credit towards your USSF certification upgrade or to maintain an upgraded certification you will need your Cal South Member User Name and Password to register for the sessions on the Cal South website by clicking here. The current SBSRA hosted CORE schedule is shown below.

Day Date Time Location
Tue 18-Feb-2020 7:30 pm NHS
Tue 17-Mar-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 21-Apr-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 19-May-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 16-Jun-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 21-Jul-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 18-Aug-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 15-Sep-2020 7:30 pm CANCELLED
Tue 20-Oct-2020 7:30 pm NHS
Tue 17-Nov-2020 7:30 pm NHS