2019 Law Changes Announcement from IFAB

The IFAB released the actual language of the changes to the 2019 Laws of the Game.  Some of these are going to roil instruction in all of our various associations for the next several seasons. NOTE: All changes come into force on June 1, 2019.  Competitions starting before that date may apply the changes from […]

CalSouth Instructor & Assignor Entry Courses Now Posted

Entry courses for those seeking to become first time Referee Instructors Grade 7 or Referee Assignors are now posted. For the Instructor Grade 7 Entry course – Please click here For the Assignor Entry Course – Please click here Please fill out the applicable application and email that to our SDI, Randall Reyes at lawfive01@yahoo.com. […]

11 Jan 2019: From Cal South

These are helpful tools for referees to be aware of and their use: Step by step instructions to print the USSF Registration Card Standards of Dress Pocket Guide

Cal South SRC Guidance Regarding Drones

Cal South’s State Referee Committee is providing the attached guidance. It covers a procedure for the referees to follow when the presence of drones may impact the safety of participants of the beautiful game. This is a matter of safety – the prime directive of referees. Cal South SRC Guidance Regarding Drones

Sept Training: LOTG Restarts

This summary (LOTG Restarts) of the 8 restarts and the 9 criteria to compare them inclusive of the most recent modifications to the LOTG will be referred to during the September In-Service Monthly class.

New CSL Referee App

CSL has released an update to their CSL App which you need to download on your smartphone or tablet even if you downloaded their 2017 CSL App last year. This application has the CSL Rules and Field info along with your assignments.  You will be able to send scores and reports immediately after the match ends.  […]

Updated Codes for 2018-2019 Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses

The updated Codes for Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses according to the 2018-2019 LOTG are posted. Note that this tool is no longer referred to as 7×7 given the increase in the LOTG of players’ cautionable offenses as well as the inclusion of the cautionable offenses by substitutes.

Coaching License Update

Cal South would like to ensure that all referees receive continuous updates on US Soccer new licenses for new coaches. Referees reviewing Cal South coaches IDs will now also see new licenses displayed.

IFAB Posts 2018/19 Law Changes

An outline of the main changes / clarifications to be included in the 2018 Laws of the Game has been released. Read about it here. Update 29 May 2018: The IFAB has released the 2018-2019 Laws of the Game.  Download your copy here in booklet form or single page version.