Per Archie Sherman, Sports Supervisor, City of Manhattan Beach:

In the event of a player receiving a red card, that player’s name must be given to the official when asked.  If the official is not given the player’s name, then the game will be stopped and the offending team will forfeit, regardless of the score.


  • 1300 Parkview Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266  (map link)

Contact numbers:

  • Field condition hotline: 310-802-5454
  • Marine Staff: 310-877-0515
  • Evening Supervisor: 424-327-1867
  • MB Park Ranger: 310-345-1141



  • If your match is forfeit, you are expected to run a dual system on an adjacent match.  Please review the SBSRA policy on forfeits.
  • MB Village Field is a synthetic Turf Field.  Absolutely no food or drinks, other than water, will be allowed onto the field areas.
  • Referees are to print out score cards and drop-off the results in the metal box located at the field at the end of the evening.  Key Information:
    • Game Score Card
    • Match Reports are required for all Send Offs and serious injuries. Click here for additional information on Referee Reports.
    • City of MB Accident/Incident report (Note: This form is not to be use in place of the Match Report which must be used for all Red cards and serious injuries)
  • Wear your SBSRA badge at these matches as the MB league is not affiliated with USSF.
  • You will NOT be paid at the field.   SBSRA will issue a check for payment to the referee.
  • Game Fees